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dramatic exercise rehearsal, developed in collaboration with Isabel Burr Rary

6 April 2023, 17:00

Feedback: 18:30

Auditorium, Jan van Eyck Academie / Maastricht

How can I be so attracted to “smoothness” – of surfaces, of edges, of volumes – while remaining highly suspicious of it? Why is my relationship to smoothing perhaps best described as paradoxical and not straightforward – wanting smoothness yet not trusting it, a tension I seem to experience amongst many of those around me?

As part of my MERIAN PhD trajectory, I have spent the last year investigating data smoothing and smoothing algorithms that are ubiquitously applied in data science. And I wondered: How could ceramics and ceramic procedures help us approach, understand, and question smoothed and un-smoothed data practices differently and from alternative angles? I want to share this research now within a ‚dramatic exercise rehearsal,‘ an experimental hybrid format between performance, installation, and workshop, inviting the public to engage with the topic in various collaborative ways.

Dramaturgy and performing directions by Isabel Burr Raty

Garment developed together with Muslin Brothers

Brain animation developed together with gvn908 and Finley Stewart

Kindly supported by the Stokros Funds and the Jan van Eyck Academie.