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Lumière screening of the documentary film ‘Alreadymade’ (In Dutch with English subtitles), followed by a Q&A with director Barbara Visser organised by MERIAN, the Maastricht Experimental Research in and through the Arts Network

Wednesday 3 April, 19.30 hrs.
Lumière Maastricht, Bassin 88, Maastricht
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‘Alreadymade’ (2023) is a hybrid feature documentary about the controversy surrounding ‘Fountain’ (1917), ’the most influential artwork of the 20th century’. Was it marketing, mystification or misogyny that caused the rise of the artwork Fountain? This film is an alternative whodunnit, in which everyone – artists, art historians and ultimately the director herself – turns out to be a puppet in the powerplay of the art market.

After the screening, director Barbara Visser will be present for a Q&A session, organised in collaboration with MERIAN, the Maastricht Experimental Research in and through the Arts Network. MERIAN is a platform to foster collaboration between artists and academic researchers established by Maastricht University, University College Maastricht, the Jan van Eyck Academy and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences /the research centre ‘What Art Knows’.

Barbara Visser is a visual artist, director and documentary film-maker. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and the Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Most of her projects, which take the form of photographs, films, prints, texts or performances, investigate the uncertain relationship between registration and dramatization, play with notions of original and copy, and explore the ways in which history and memory are shaped by the individual and society. Visser’s works have been shown at film festivals and exhibitions around the world. She currently heads the ‘F for Fact’ master’s programme at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Currently Visser’s solo exhibition ‘Alreadymade’ (connected to the documentary) is on view at Kunsthaus Zürich in Switzerland.

MERIAN Q&A panel

Antye Guenther (Jan van Eyck, UM) is a visual artist and artist researcher. Her work engages with notions of (non)biological intelligence and fiction in relation to science, among other topics. Her art projects combine various media and formats, from performances, ceramic objects, and fictionalised video tutorials, to photo-text works, speculative scripts and artist publications. She is a part-time MERIAN PhD in the arts candidate.

Flora Lysen (UM) is assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University. Her current research focuses on histories and contemporary practices of automation and visualisation, particularly in the field of medical imaging. She frequently collaborates with artists and is a former teacher at the Master programme ‘F for Fact’ at the Sandberg Institute (chaired by Barbara Visser) for artists with a special interest in archival research.

Christoph Rausch (UM) is associate professor at University College Maastricht. His interdisciplinary research revolves around questions of value and is currently focused on practices of financialisation in the art world (the NWO-funded ‘PRICELESS’ project). At UCM he teaches courses on social studies of finance and heritage studies.

Ulrike Scholtes (Zuyd) is researcher and teacher at Maastricht Institute of Arts. For research centre What Art Knows she develops the Embodied Methods research track. In her artistic research practice, she creates sight specific interventions, performances, workshops and publications, building on her background in art, body work and anthropology.

19:15 Doors open
19:30 Short introduction and start of the documentary
21:00 Start Q&A with director Barbara Visser
22:00 Estimated end