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On 30 May 2024, MERIAN inaugurated the Art & Science Lab at University College Maastricht. The space located at Heksenstraat 8 has been equipped for a variety of uses including meetings, classes, exhibitions, performances as well as a working area for some of our PhD candidates.

The MERIAN Art & Science Lab is a result of the hard work of Tim Prins of Studio Stad, the architectural practice behind the beautiful, multi-functional design of our lab, and Ron Bernstein from the material matters lab at the Jan van Eyck Academie.

The festivities were kicked off by Dr. Wolfgang Giernalczyk, Dean at University College Maastricht. Dr. Christoph Rausch, UCM representative in the MERIAN steering committee, continued the festivities by retelling how MERIAN started and how the idea of the Art & Science Lab came about.

Inge Römgens, PhD candidate and coordinator of the artistic research-based education modules, introduced a group of students from the modules.  Together with our first artist in residence Marente van der Valk, as well as with Rebekka Straetmans, the director of the art & society department at the Jan van Eyck academie, Inge supervised a group of students to which the honor of inaugurating the art science lab with their research presentation falls in a moment. Emma Scheren represented the group.

Marente van der Valk, culinary artist and chef, also worked with a group of UCM students to create several snacks made with herbs and flowers from around the campus.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to those at UCM who helped make this space possible including Wolfgang Giernalczyk, Richard Vos, and Amy Gainford.

For questions about using the MERIAN Art & Science Lab, please contact us at