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Ulrike Scholtes, PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and our beloved team member of the research centre AOK, defended her PhD successfully on Monday, June 13 at the Agnietenkapel in Amsterdam. Congratulations!

In her dissertation, Ulrike explores practices of feeling, and how feeling-experts use techniques and words to ‘do’ feeling.  She shows that feelings are bodily engagements that are entangled with historic, cultural, social, and material contexts, and that feelings are not something that people have, but what they do: they can be learned and trained. In an innovative way, Ulrike uses (amongst others) drawings as a methodological tool, sensitizing the researcher along the way. She argues for a practice-specific, tentative and performative way of using methods such as drawing – in other words, for methods-in-the-making.

You can read an interview with Ulrike about her dissertation here (in Dutch):