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On 24 May 2022, MERIAN hosted a launch event at the Jan van Eyck Academie to mark the official start of the network as well as for the partners to sign the collaboration agreement. The event was twice postponed due to the Covid-19 measures which is why the signing just took place even though work officially began in October 2020.

Both MERIAN PhD candidates were present at the event. Marlies Vermeulen set up the Institute of Cartopology within the Jan van Eyck allowing people to see her research and some of the specific projects she has worked on. Antye Guenther was present with her ‘brain chair’ talking to people about her research and her recent performance ‘GLITTER CURTAIN BRAIN STOOL BROKEN MOULD REFLECTIVE SUIT’ which is the first episode of a performance series.

We would like to thank everyone present including the deans, controllers, researchers, members of the MERIAN working groups, the steering committee and vice members as well as the Jan van Eyck staff for making the event a success.

MERIAN is an environment in which selected PhD candidates from all artistic and academic disciplines can pursue Maastricht-style artistic research. They engage in innovative styles of research, utilizing the powers and fragilities of artistic and scientific practices. MERIAN is a collaboration between arts education at Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht University and the Jan van Eyck Academie.

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