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How do we assess artistic research? How do examiners come to a constructive dialogue about evaluation? What is relevant support and supervision of a student or PhD candidate conducting artistic research?

Artistic research is an established practice in academia, arts practice, and arts education, nationally and internationally. In this field, experiences with and conversations concerning assessment abound, especially with regards to evaluation of the artistic research PhD trajectory. Questions about what constitutes good assessment for artistic research also emerge within the founding partner institutions of MERIAN.

Discussions regarding the assessment of artistic research are, at least partly, the consequence of how research outcomes in all their diversity gain significance. Meaning emerges and escapes – in relation to studies of theory and practice, but also in relation to the societal context and the reception of the artwork or practice.

During this workshop, we invite you to talk about general questions around assessment of artistic research (at the PhD level, but also in other area’s such as bachelor or master education). More specifically we focus on issues such as: How do we understand academic and artistic rigor? How do we assess the thesis vs. the artwork and what about the artwork vs. exhibition (or possible hybrid forms in between)? What about intersubjectivity and the transferability of knowledge? How does a candidate demonstrate new knowledge?

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This workshop is funded by the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage.