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The Highest Institute of the Netherlands

Climbing higher and higher. The air gets thinner. It’s just you out there, with the elements. The higher you get, the more trivial life down there seems to be. NAP+246 is the altitude of the highest institute of The Netherlands. On an ‘impossible’ piece of land (according to most) a research center is build, a place for workshops and exhibitions, a refuge for the (yet to become) cartopologist, the outdoor lover, the hiker and the map enthousiast.

The Institute of Cartopology explores how maps contribute to today’s challenges. Through small-scale events, expeditions, exhibitions, teaching programmes and workshops. It also conducts research into contemporary maps and their impact, by both professionals and enthusiasts.

Third edition of the festival CORRECTIONVILLE

Borders often go along mountain ridges and summits. All over the world you could notice centuries old border stones which were used for indicating a border. But what does a border mean when you’re up there? 

Just like the Institute of Cartopology, Correctionville #03 is about crossing borders. Borders between disciplines, between regions, between biases. Come and find out halfway up the highest mountain of the Netherlands how maps can guide us in crossing borders of all kinds, August 25 & 26th, Vaals, The Netherlands!

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – do you want to actively participate and perform, be a guide, show work-in-progress or do something we can’t even think of yet? Let us know via the registration form!

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Correctionville #03